The Ultimate Real Estate Listing Presentation

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A successful seller’s agent starts with a strong listing presentation and a pitch that wins clients. You introduce yourself to the customer in your real estate presentation, and you describe how you add value throughout the sales process. It describes how you will successfully sell their house while providing comfort, building trust, and paying attention to the seller’s requirements. It also provides local market facts and a description of the whole process.

As you follow the instructions below, download our free real estate listing presentation template and make any necessary changes. Customize the template to suit your needs by including your own images, numbers, graphs, and information. Always personalize each listing presentation for realtors to the homeowner and the property in order to get the greatest results.

Get aid from Canvas for all of your design needs if making presentations isn’t your forte. With its simple drag-and-drop design interface and lead generation enhancing tools, use it to generate aesthetically attractive marketing materials including social media graphics, presentations, posters, videos, and branding logos.

What does a real estate agent do and what does it have to do with documents?

A real estate agent is a professional who works for a real estate agency or broker. They are responsible for guiding prospective buyers in every phase of owning a property. Real estate agents work for both the buyer and seller. They are responsible for a lot of things that are not shown in real estate shows.

Describe the Sales Process As Easy As Possible

listing presentation template
Sales Process As Easy As Possible

Customers may find the sales process to be challenging and perplexing, but it is your responsibility to make the process as simple as feasible.

First and foremost, you must ascertain the market value of a residence. This is done by examining previous sales of comparable properties in your neighborhoods while also accounting for any improvements or repairs you’ve made since the property last sold. Make careful to show them the route so that they don’t believe this is a difficult task but rather a drawn-out procedure. You interfere with things because of your knowledge in this matter.

You’ll also need to know how much they owe on the house and, if accessible, the name and contact information of their mortgage provider. 

The following stage is to compile a preliminary list of potential purchasers who meet the majority of the prerequisites from step one, such as price range, need for financing, size requirements, etc.

To avoid them being discouraged by the quantity of labour, finally explain and provide them a list of documents.

Gather Marketing Content

Making ensuring your listing contains all the relevant details is one of the most crucial components of promoting your home. The greatest real estate listing presentations may be created with the help of excellent photography and videography. One of the lucky ones is you if your real estate agency has a marketing brand. Just request images, clips, and colour schemes that go with the branding!

Have a List of Comparable Industry Statistics

Did you know that the quantity of properties on the market in your region directly affects how fast and how much they sell for? This is due to the fact that customers will be ready to pay more or remove items from their list if there is a shortage of inventory. Buyers may afford to be choosy and wait until they discover precisely what they want if there are several listings available.

Knowing this information will be helpful to you as a realtor when working with clients so you can accurately estimate how long it could take to sell their house and at what price – whether it is below market value or over the asking price!

Real Estate Listing Template Summary

real estate listing presentation
Real Estate Listing Template Summary

One of our top real estate listing presentations is seen here, and it can be quickly customized to match the branding. You may get started right now making your own top real estate listing presentation!

In practically every real estate document, especially promotional and casual materials, there are several crucial bullet points that are included in this template. Let’s break them down into their component elements and discuss each one individually using the real estate listing presentation structure presented here.

The real estate agent professional resume

A real estate agency’s crew is one of its most crucial marketing tools. How effectively they trained their representatives, how knowledgeable their staff is, and how helpful they can be. Therefore, it’s crucial to begin each document with the agent who represents the agency in the best possible light. An influential person who works directly and intimately with potential purchasers is the real estate agent themselves. For this reason, a professional representation places a strong emphasis on their experience, particularly in terms of years, subject-matter knowledge, and other qualities.

Open House Schedule

Some potential customers might be hesitant and difficult to talk to online. They want to evaluate the worth of the idea by using their own eyes to examine it. Usually, the people who don’t respond well online are the ones that attend open houses. However, they will appear at open houses even if they won’t return calls or emails. It’s crucial that you include an open house schedule in all of your material as a result. You may encourage folks to visit and have a look for themselves by doing so.

Private View Appointment

Making appointments is a crucial step in the procedure. Numerous things might be meant by a private view. Typically, seriously interested buyers schedule a private showing, and typically, it is during these conversations that real estate salespeople really show off their ability to persuade. Including a contact form and similar technology in your text can increase reader confidence.

How to Use Advanced Features of Desktops for Listing Templates

With Decktopus’ advanced features, customers may evaluate interactions in general and adjust their content for different audiences. The Business Plan contains all of these characteristics in detail.

Brand Kit

Real estate is another field where papers should feel professional, just like it does in every other professional firm. Typically, agencies start by developing a brand kit that includes a logo, brand colours, brand theme, and brand typography. For these reasons, several agencies must collaborate with design firms that have even larger teams in order to ensure that all material is consistent. Desktops made it possible to customize the brand kit so that you could choose the company’s colour scheme, add its typefaces, and select its theme. Additionally, it allowed you to put your logo and brand name as footer notes.

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Since lead generation is so vital in the real estate sector, forms are one of the most popular elements. People can occasionally merely provide their contact information by way of a referral document in order to receive a thorough offer. This is undoubtedly very helpful when concluding a deal. Real estate agents may insert contact forms, private listing appointment forms, rating forms, and several more engagement slides by using the form.


Being able to differentiate yourself from competitors in the real estate market is crucial to operating a successful operation. Making ensuring you have effective marketing and pitching materials is one method to do this. In doing so, you’ll be sure to make the most of your encounters and conversations with prospects and raise your chances of winning them over as customers.

We covered three crucial pointers in this article that will help you create a good listing presentation:

  • Choose the most crucial things you want to provide, such as your background, market statistics, and information about your team.
  • Choose eye-catching images, such as graphs, data, previous property listings, team photos, etc.
  • Select a presentation template for real estate listings from our selection at Jigglar.


What’s a listing presentation?

A real estate agent’s listing presentation is essentially a thorough and educational sales speech given to a homeowner who wants to sell their house. Listings are an essential component of running a successful real estate firm, regardless of your level of expertise.

What is KW command?

A software package called KW command aids real estate agents in the management, nurturing, and conversion of real estate leads into clients.

What is listing documents?

Any analogous document, such as a plan of arrangement or introduction document that has been or is to be released in conjunction with an application for listing is referred to as a “Listing Document.” Sample 1.

What is listing strategy?

Systematic listing techniques are approaches to organize the results of an event so that none of the potential outcomes are ignored or duplicated. Enumeration is the process of writing down every potential item in a collection.

How do I give my first presentation?

An introduction, a body, and a conclusion are required. Your audience should be made aware of the subject of your presentation and given a general concept of the presentation’s structure in the opening. The body of your essay will discuss many aspects of your subject, and the conclusion will summarize your arguments and provide closing remarks.

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